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Courts and Accessories



Our new courts are constructed from custom-extruded components designed to exacting specifications.   The superstructure also is aluminum and is covered with an extremely durable powder coating. Both the deck and superstructure are welded in our shop to ensure the highest quality welds.

Our snow gates are constructed from deep-grain mahogany boards and are stained and assembled in our shop to ensure they are both beautiful and functional.

Finally, the surface itself is applied using a specialty epoxy paint specifically formulated for our unique application.

Our design and manufacturing process, along with our attention to every detail, ensures that our customers receive the highest-quality court in the industry.  It is one they will enjoy for years to come.


From time to time, we have used courts in our inventory.  Each of these courts is personally inspected by David Dodge and is refurbished to our exact specifications.  Since every used court is different, David's personal knowledge of each of these courts guarantees that the customer is aware of exactly what they are purchasing.  Refurbished courts can provide significant savings over new courts, and as such, these courts are typically in high demand.  If you are interested in a refurbished court, please contact us as soon as possible through our "Contact Us" page.


There are two outstanding options available for lighting.  Our custom-designed LED lights are the best and brightest and provide the truest white light available.  Our 1000-watt metal halide stadium-style lights provide over three times the light of the older 400-watt metal halides.  For further information on our lights, please see our "Lighting" page.


Years of experience have gone into the design of our heating system.  We offer the most durable, quiet and efficient forced air heaters available in the sport today.  Using our specific configuration, these heaters will provide you with the most effective heating system available.  



In order to protect the court from wind and to increase visibility, windscreens can be added to the back or sides of the court.  

We can even
add your club's logo to the outside of the windscreen!


In order to help keep the balls from bouncing over the superstructure and out of the court, a six-foot high extension net can be added to the court.  Like the windscreens, the extension netting can be installed around the entire superstructure or on specific sides.  Typically, the extension netting is added to areas where it is difficult to retrieve the ball if it bounces over the superstructure.


These cooler boxes are a welcome addition to any facility. They are created in our shop from deep-grain mahogany wood and are finished with a weather-proof stain to match the snow gates, benches and
trash cans.  

Why not hide those plastic coolers at your next gathering?  The cooler boxes hold a 150 quart cooler and also function as an added bench!  

50" x 25" x 24 1/2"


For the comfort of players and spectators, these benches may be strategically placed around your facility.  Benches are made in our shop from deep-grain mahogany wood and stained to match               our snow gates and cooler boxes.  They not only stand up to the elements, but are durable and beautiful.  

60" x 25" x 38 1/2"    


We designed these trash cans to match our superstructures and snow gates.  
The base is made from deep-grain mahogany wood and and stained with the same color used on the snow gates.  The top is constructed from powder-coated
aluminum.  They look great with the matching benches and cooler boxes.  Help
keep your facility free from bottles, cans and other unsightly trash!  

19" x 19" x 34" (for the base)/ 45" (bottom of the can to top of lid)


These ball warmers are a fun addition to your facility.  
They solve the problem of keeping spare balls from freezing during long play in cold temperatures.  They are made from deep-grain mahogany in our shop and stained
to match the snow gates, benches, cooler boxes and trash cans.  

12" x 10" x 7 1/2"

Keep your discarded clothing off the court as the match progresses! Our coat racks are constructed from the same high-quality
aluminum tube as the superstructure.  The racks can be attached
  by the court door for convenient use.


These water cooler holders are made from the same aluminum tube as the superstructure.  They mount directly to the superstructure and match the coat racks.   They hold a five gallon cooler.  

These handy water coolers will facilitate keeping your players hydrated while
they play.

15" x 10" x 24"


These umpire chairs are a must-have for any club that hosts tournaments.  The 
chairs hang over the top of the superstructure at center court and do not impede
play.  They are built in our shop from powder-coated aluminum.

These umpire chairs have been used for the APTA National Championships every year since 2013.  They also are used for all grand prix tournaments.  

24" x 32" x 55"

This amusing piece of artwork is hand-crafted by a local artist.  It is created
from steel hardware.  It can be used as a tournament trophy, a business card holder, or just as a good luck creature in the hut!

12" x 7" x 15"

If you would like any additional information, or to request a court quote or pricing on accessories, please go to our
"Contact Us" page and send us your questions and contact information.
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