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Ground Level Courts

The sport of platform tennis is experiencing considerable growth in warm weather locations.  To meet the needs of these customers, Total Platform Tennis offers ground level courts.

Ground level courts are unique in comparison to traditional platform tennis courts.  Ground level courts are not exposed to the same harsh, winter elements and so there are some advantages:

Less expensive compared to traditional platform tennis courts

Do not require heating

Easier to maintain since they are not exposed to the cold, snow and ice

Any unused tennis court can be utilized as space for three ground level courts!  This means twelve people can be playing on the same footprint that previously could only accommodate four!

Our sport tile surface is perfect for ground level courts.  The cross-hatch design allows water to quickly drain off the surface, which creates a rapid drying time once the sun comes out.  The surface also is grooved for added traction and the color has a 15 year warranty against fading. 

A ground level court may work in your area!  If you would like any additional information or to request a ground level court quote, please go to our "Contact Us" page and send us your questions and contact information.

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